Ad Altare Dei

Ad Altare Dei Medal

Target Audience

    • Registered Boy Scout of Catholic faith

    • The content is designed for 13-14 year old boys

    • Older Scouts my choose to work on the program

    • The Scout must complete the requirements before turning 18

Emblem Objectives

The Latin phrase "Ad Altare Dei" (unto the altar of God) comes from the first sentence of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite of Mass. The purpose of the Ad Altare Dei program is to help Catholic Scouts to develop a fully Catholic way of life in the Church. The Ad Altare Dei is primarily aimed at Boy Scouts in grades 7 through 8, but older Scouts and male Venturers are invited to earn the award. You will work in a group (ideally 4-12 Scouts) with a trained counselor who will help you to understand the requirements and will sign-off as you complete the requirements. While a parents can be the group counselor, training should be sought out to help with guiding the scouts through the program. If no counselor can be found, seek a willing parent from the group of boys participating.

How to Order the Workbook

Contact your parish priest or youth minister to find out if your church has a supply of workbooks. If not, they are available at the local BSA Service Center Scout Shop (Map to Greater Colorado Council Store) or online at

How to Order the Emblem

When the workbook has been completed, fill out the application in the back of the workbook (be sure to get all the required signatures) and contact your designated emblems counselor to schedule a required Board of Review through your local Catholic Committee on Scouting. The Ad Altare Dei Emblem is purchased at the time of the Board of Review. The cost is $24 - please bring a check payable to DCCS to the BOR. The emblem should be awarded to each participant at the parish level after the students have completed the program.

Schedule a Board of Review

Following are the Emblem Chair contacts for your local area.

Ad Altare Dei Book