Family of God

Family of God Medal

Target Audience

    • Brownies, grades 2-3

    • Tenderhearts, grades 2-3

Emblem Objectives

This award is targeted to the Brownie (GSUSA) and Tenderheart (AHG) youth, grades 2-3. This award helps the young person develop as a Christian member of their family and parish and helps discover the presence of God in their daily life. Parents work with the youth as the advisor to help the youth discover their family Christian identity.

How to Earn the Emblem

    1. Get workbooks. Workbooks are available online at the NFCYM website (We recommend ordering many books at once to reduce shipping costs). You should also contact your parish priest or youth minister to find out if your church has a supply of workbooks.

    2. Complete the workbooks. The book is designed for the girl to work together with her troop and with her family.

    3. Complete the forms in the back of the workbooks. Make sure to get all the required signatures.

    4. Order Emblems. Send the forms and payment ($11 + shipping: $2 for first set, $.25 each additional set) to the Archdiocese of Denver Catholic Committee on Scouting to arrange to get your emblems:

Family of God Book
      1. Denver Catholic Committee on Scouting

      2. PO Box 101402

      3. Denver, CO 80210


    1. Have the emblem awarded. Most parishes will award emblems at the annual Scout Sunday Mass.

    2. Come to the Recognition Mass! If you get your form in by April 1st, you will be included in that year's Recognition Mass (May 16, 2015). After April 1st, you will be included in next year's Mass. See the Recognition Mass page for more details.