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Executive Committee

The full committee meets EVERY second Saturday of the month at 8:30 AM
St John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization
1300 S. Steele St. Denver, CO 80210

Archdiocesan Scout ChaplainFr Brady Wagner email: chaplain@archden-dccs.org
Archdiocesan Chair Michael Forner email: chair@archden-dccs.org
Tel:    303-656-9783
Treasurer / Finance Committee Chair Dan Palese  email: treasurer@archden-dccs.org
Religious Emblems Committee Chair /
Board of Review Coordinator
Bill Mack email: emblems@archden-dccs.org

Religious Activities Committee Chair - VACANT -email: activities@archden-dccs.org
Tel:    303-703-9101
Membership Committee Chair - VACANT - email: membership@archden-dccs.org

Training Committee Chair Diana Kullman email: training@archden-dccs.org

Communications Committee Chair - VACANT - email: communications@archden-dccs.org

Vocations Committee Chair Steven Wagner email: vocations@archden-dccs.org